About Pier 1 Restaurant

Our Family

In 1998, Vinny and Pam Cirino opened Pier 1 in downtown North East, Maryland. They began wanting people who came through the door to be welcomed with a smile, laughter, and great food. Together with their children, they created a menu inspired by Vinny’s childhood home in Ischia, Italy and the local tastes of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Cirino & Lundin Family

The Pier serves homemade Italian entrees, classic Chesapeake favorites and hearty breakfasts in a family friendly atmosphere. Today, Vinny’s children, Stella and Anthony, continue his legacy of family, friends and great food and are eager to share it with you. So bring your friends, bring your kids and bring yourselves to Pier 1 and let their family serve your family today!

family restaurant

Anthony Cirino & Stella Lundin with the original owners, their parents, Vinny and Pam Cirino in a newspaper clipping from the restaurant’s opening in 1998.